01. a day in the death
02. all the heavy lifting
03. as horizons end
04. bedazzled fingernails
05. circle of the tyrant
06. foetus of a new day kicking
07. hit the wall
08. mechanic god creation
09. silenced
10. native blood
11. panic attack
12. people=shit
13. ravenous
14. trashed lost and strung out
15. war pigs

OOC: Yooo… Kinda lost my interest in running this blog lately, and I don’t feel it’s fair to kind of just keep it idle like this, so I’ll be dropping the blog;

Good news for you though, my sis says she wants to hijack it! So she’ll be running this blog from now on. 

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"Mocked? Not by any one that matters."

Fairy Fay
Whitechapel && The Somatic Defilement
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what's your best pickup line?

Lets fuck.

Dead Seeds
Lamb Of God && Wrath
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When was the last time you got laid? How was it?

Sorry, can’t answer. Too busy getting laid.

Earth On Hell
Anthrax && Worship Music
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